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The Booker T. Washington Chronicles Preview

"The purpose of this volume is to vindicate this most unjustly maligned, great man, who Rev. Dr. Adam Clayton Powell Sr. honored as "Greatest Negro ever produced in America". He also stated that criticisms against Dr. Washington was "motivated by jealousy" and additionally, the need to get Booker T. Washington out of the way so that the NAACPs agenda could be advanced. Dr. Washingtons autobiography has been distributed worldwide as Up from Slavery and The Story of My Life and Work, need not be told in this volume. It is an anthology of the most powerful articles and speeches by and about Dr. Washington."

The reader will learn:

    • The real truth about our greatest leader's contribution to Black American economic independence.
    • How he built the all Black, Tuskegee Institute from the ground up and opened its doors on July 4, 1881. Black American Economic Independence day.
    • How he founded the National Negro Business League in 1900 in Boston that grew to other local chapters in 39 states. !
    • How he uplifted the family and communities and laid a foundation for the masses of Black People by educating the Head-Hand-Heart and Home (4H).
    • How Black Elitist-thinking Negro leaders undermined and ignored the foundation that this great leader left behind.
    • How the Elitists discouraged Blacks from purchasing land and why Blacks are losing  their urban communities, like Harlem NY and Watts in Los Angeles.
    • And may wonder if he died a natural death or was the victim of a very cleverly devised assassination plot.


Dr. Booker T. Washington preached a type of Black Nationalism, which laid the ideological groundwork for both Garvey, Drew Ali and Elijah Muhammad.

Du Bois‚s Niagara Movement was co-opted into the White organization, the NAACP. The Black American today is politically compromised because he practically owns nothing in the grand scheme of American life. He cannot exert much political power because he owns nothing. He exercises the power to disrupt but that will fade in time if not already. He has a very little voice in the affairs of state because he owns nothing.

The Black American is severely restricted in his ability to educate the black masses on political issues because he owns pitifully little of the necessary means of propaganda and communication and those that he does own pays too much attention to social rather than economic matters.

He has virtually no stake in the communications networks of this nation. Inside his own communities he does not own many of the houses he lives in or the land that they are situated on. He does not own the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sources from which he buys his commodities. Someone else manufacturers virtually everything he uses. He does not own the edifices in which he enjoys culture and entertainment or in which he socializes. In a capitalist society, an individual or group that does not own anything is powerless. He has squandered his farmland so that today, he owns only a pitiful few hundred thousand acres of the 23,000,000 acres of land that he once owned at the time of Dr. Washington‚s death in 1915.  Much of that squandered land is now owned by the descendants of those very Africans who sold us into slavery over two centuries ago.

In a capitalist society, a group that has not experienced the many sides of capitalistic development, that has not learned the techniques of business ownership, or the intricacies of profit and loss, or the responsibilities of managing even small or medium enterprises, has not been prepared in the social disciplines required to transcend the functional limitations of the capitalistic order.

Black institutions of learning now will not instill the concept of land ownership in it‚s students; only the techniques of landing a job from entities belonging to other races and purchasing only single family tract homes and condos which are not an asset but a liability, from people of other races.

Thus to paraphrase Russia‚s V. Ulianov Lenin, it is not that the Negro who suffers so much from capitalism in America, but from a lack of capitalistic development. Had the many Tuskegee industries not been interrupted in 1932 by W. E. B. Du Bois & Co., they may possibly have evolved into some of the industrial giants of today and all Black owned and operated across this country.

Dr. Booker T. Washington built Tuskegee Industrial and Normal institute in Alabama, a permanent, lasting, and functional institution in the Deep South (where the Black Nationalists were afraid to go). He did not use the name ŒVocational‚ because he envisioned Blacks as potential captains of their own industries. His institution was funded by private, not government sources thus incurred no interference from government. But now it does. Marcus Garvey who was indirectly taught by Dr. Washington from those Jamaican graduates returning from Tuskegee, so much, that he traveled to America to seek advice from the master educator on how to develop a school of his type in Kingston, Jamaica (confirmed by Dr. Julian Garvey). Garvey also named one of his  ships of the Black Star Line, the SS Booker T. Washington. Today, Black mis-leaders are voicing the very words of Dr. Washington and claiming those thoughts and expressions as their very own. Black Mis-leaders of the civil rights industry have conditioned the Negro masses to disrespect the name of Booker T. Washington and even in the schools that bear the name of this greatest warrior for Black American dignity and respect.  They also discourage Blacks from owning land. Their social engineers are intensely are coercing Black Americans into interracial dating and marriage, one of their primary agendum that was set in 1908. They are also part of the movement to change the nature of the sexes which has negatively affected our armed forces and society in general with their Œunisex scheme‚. They support homosexuality. Also.

At those Black Power Conferences, we hear the same words already preached by Dr. Washington earlier; support your own, buy Black, make your own neighborhoods beautiful, lookout for your neighbors and take care of your own found a business of your own. Even Du Bois in the last days of his life acquiesced to this philosophy. Nothing new is ever mentioned. And they have the nerve to ask for donations. Most other symposiums etc. offer nothing new and the young attendees leave disgusted, bewildered and empty handed. Those mis-leaders should hang their heads in shame. And as Dr. Carter G. Woodson said: „those Black preachers have nothing to offer the masses of Black People. They are a morally bankrupt society.

During my most recent visit to my former high school named for Dr. Booker T. Washington in Norfolk, Virginia, I was saddened and disheartened to see a bulletin announcing the establishment of a ŒDu Bois Society‚ (a *boule virus) emanating from Hampton University and Harvard. It is a manifestation of the old so-called talented tenth. What an insult to Dr. Washington‚s philosophy of Black American self-help, and economic independence. Du Bois‚s philosophy was antithetical to that of Dr. Washington. The object of these seems to be to aimed at the alienation of the brightest Black students from the general masses thus creating an small aristocratic, elitist body of students who will become the hand-maidens of corporate America, in bed with government.   

The following are some quotes to help one understand Dr. Washington‚s philosophy:
Aim to be your own employers
A landless race is like a ship without a rudder.
We believe that while the world may pity a crying, whining race, but it seldom respects it:
The Negro race has been compelled to a solidarity which is rare in mixed races; the man or woman so white that no one could guess from his hair or complexion, the stain of black blood perforce casts his lot with blackest Afro-American and be it acknowledged that he does it proudly, for the warmest advocates of the Negro race are these very persons; They rightly feel that the African descent is the more honorable.
If the colored race is to become economically self sufficient, it must engage in every form of human activity.
There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the rest of their lives are bound in shallows and miseries. These words from Shakespeare have an especial application to our race at the present time. The men and women of our race of this generation hold in their hands the future of the generations that are to follow. This is in especial sense true of the Negro Business man and women.
I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don‚t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.
No race that has anything to contribute to the markets of the world is long ostracized.
I do not believe in waiting for the heaven of the future. If we imitate the life of Christ as nearly as possible, heaven will come about more and more right here on earth. From the inspired book, which were intended more for the educated few than for the ignorant many: be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap  
Economic independence is the foundation of political independence we must act in these matters before others from foreign lands and rob us of our birthright Land ownership is the foundation of all wealth.

I do not believe in waiting for the heaven of the future. If we imitate the life of Christ as nearly as possible, heaven will come about more and more right here on earth. From the inspired book, which were intended more for the educated few than for the ignorant many: be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap  
Economic independence is the foundation of political independence we must act in these matters before others from foreign lands rob us of our birthright land ownership is the foundation of all wealth.

*Boule is a Black secret society founded by a Black physician named Henry K. Minton; the sigma pi phi. Associated with the Yale University‚s  skull and bones fraternity of which George Bush and John Kerry are members.



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