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"I absolutely found the book riveting, illuminating and extremely helpful for my greater grasp of the entire person -Booker T. Washington.  I very much enjoyed reading the various correspondences from some who opposed Booker T. Washington and then later apologized.  The newspaper articles from those who may not have agreed with him in full, yet defended him and pointed out what he was actually accomplishing, were enlightening.

 Certainly, the content of the many speeches that he delivered to gatherings of the National Negro Business League were full of information illuminating his great desire to see the Black race become economically strong.   They also showed how much he was actually doing on that front.  So many people think of him as someone whose sole accomplishment was that of building a school in Tuskegee for Blacks.  Not to minimize that, but these Chronicles placed the spotlight on the tremendous accomplishments, even beyond Tuskegee, both of quantity and quality, of his relatively brief life.  The fact that he traveled so extensively to speak and to raise funds demonstrated the frenetic schedule that he kept and yet he did so much good.

 I love the fact that he was such a spirit filled man, taking council from the Bible and spending time in prayer.  I especially applaud the fact that he believed in a practical faith that contained, as one of its principle tenets, the ability to touch and change lives on the earth.  That it was not all about after while, "pie in the sky" theology. He possessed such pride in being black and had such confidence that God had placed within his people the ability to transform their lives as they went about, as he did, serving and uplifting one another.

 I had read, though I can't remember in what book, that Theodore Roosevelt was a racist of the worst kind.  In contrast to that information, I was so moved by the letter in tribute to Booker T. Washington written by former President Roosevelt.

I was informed by the information having to do with the formation of the NAACP; how it seemed that the forerunner Niagara Movement was directly assembled to oppose the work of Dr. Washington.  Additionally, I had not read the Story of Slavery before so I learned quite a bit from that reading. 

   There is so much information in it, that it is almost like a Bible for me right now. (smile) It's perhaps providential that your book would come to my attention at this time.  Just a few weeks before your book became known to me, I had finally decided that I wanted to develop a professional speaker business drawing from the exceptional life of my great- grandfather.   Many, who have heard me speak, had been urging me to do so.   One of my motivations, and perhaps the greatest, is to "get the truth out about this great man".  It is so important, as you mentioned in your conclusion, to have accurate information upon which to make informed decisions.  Your book has given me even more ammunition with which to do this and, of course, it has been a great inspiration for me.  It hurts me so much that Dr. Washington has been so misrepresented by history; so unjustly maligned, to use a word out of your powerful introduction to The Chronicles.

 I hate the tendency in our communities, especially among the elite, to suppress any information that deviates from "the established group think".  I am encouraged however, that increasingly Blacks seem to be curious about this man. Certainly much of their talk, today, about economic self empowerment comes directly from Dr. Washington's philosophy though they do not often give him credit for it.  

I believe another of my motivations is to try to influence the ideological mindset of many well intentioned (I think) "everyday Blacks" with regard to their almost blind allegiance to liberal left political ideology. It's more convenient to walk in lock step with the "powers that be".  People are very busy living their lives and it takes time and effort to become informed.  Certainly, the values of many in our race, who profess to be so liberal, are more in line with a conservative ideology. I do understand that much of the so-called Black leadership; however, may not be so well-intentioned.

 I am in the process of developing a website for the speaker business.  I would like, with your permission, to include your book on my resources and recommended reading webpage. for the on-line presence of Ms. Elizabeth Wright's, "Issues & Views".  I have been learning so much from that publication.

 I thank you, again, for The Booker T. Washington Chronicles".  I look forward to the forthcoming publication of "Character Building".

Gloria Jackson, Great-Grandaughter of Booker T. Washington

"These are the most important history books available for Blacks in America. Everyone should purchase and read Booker T's books and allow themselves to become liberated. These books will dispel the lies about this man's character and confirm the great contributions he made to uplift and provide the leadership that is still useful today. Given the shameful condition of black communities nationally, after "black leaders" managed to CON black people into believing things that are impossible to ever achieve via their social agenda, Booker T. Washington had the answer then and his work is relevant today. Don't waste another minute...buy these books and give them, after reading, to your kids."

Chevis King, Jr.

"Recently I had the privilege of reading your book of the Booker T. Washington Chronicles, and I find this book to be very compelling, very well written, and to the point. I think that readers will find this book to be a must read. I anxiously await more of your writings. Bravo!! " — Betty Williams (Demopolis, Alabama)

   I am reading and enjoying your Booker t. Washington book. However, I am not
reading it in sequential order. It gives me pleasure to randomly pick chapters and read them for inspiration.

Cartrel Gore, President, Booker T. Washington Business League

“Your Booker T. Washington Chronicles is a masterful work! Of course the “introduction” blew me away and answered several questions I and my mother had. Thanks”

Henry A. May
Author, First Black Autos


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